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Australia’s social sector leaders are optimistic heading into 2016, saying that this year presents many opportunities for positive change.

While 2015 was a tumultuous one for the the Not for Profit sector, this year is expected, once again, to be full of surprises.

David Crosbie, CEO of the Community Council for Australia, will provide a keynote opening presentation on the ‘State of the sector’ at Third Sector Expo 2015. Below is an extract of the paper David will talk from in this address.

Across the charities and not-for-profit (NFP) sector, it seems that business as usual is no longer business as usual.

Simple revolution for Australian super needed – Community Council for Australia says innovative French program should be adopted to create billions of dollars for projects that have a social impact – and CCA says it is easy to do.

Community Council for Australia (which represents over 600,000 not-for-profits and 60,000 registered charities) calls for the Government to adopt an extraordinary and highly successful French initiative … which has created billions of dollars for not-for-profits carrying out projects that create social impact.

The Community Council for Australia is launching a series of Forums seeking to reduce the number of charities in Australia.  David Crosbie, CEO of CCA, said today that “it is time to ask sector leaders to put self-interest aside and work together rather than competing against each other in the charities and not-for-profit sector.

The Community Council for Australia (CCA) has expressed dismay following reports today that the ACT government is intending to develop an ACT specific definition of charities, ignoring all legal and other conventions, and over-riding existing legislation and regulations.