Prime Minister's Business and Community Partnership - 27 Nov 2013

Time for Real Relationship Reform

27 November 2013

CCA’s submission focused on the need for the Prime Minister’s Business and Community Partnership (CBP) to be much more than a talk fest and become a vehicle to enhance relations between not-for-profit entities, their communities, government and businesses.

The submission proposed the CBP do this through prioritizing the following areas:

  1. Increasing both the level and effectiveness of investment in the Not for Profit sector with a particular focus on philanthropy and the relationship between Not for Profit organisations, business, community and government;
  2.  Increasing knowledge and awareness of the value of investing in the Not for Profit sector with a strong focus on impact and benefits including better measurement and reporting of investment outcomes;
  3.  Increasing the level of collaboration between Not for Profit organisations and across communities including business, particular populations groups, organisations and government.

Pro Bono’s coverage of CCA’s submission is available here.