Owning Our Future CEO forum series: Leveraging capital to achieve purpose - October & November 2014

First of CCA's Owning Our Future series (#owningfuture)

Slowing Government funding. Increasing competition for charitable income. It is time to consider whether we can better use $175 billion in assets controlled by Australian charities, and what this means for your organisation?  We invite you to join us for an interactive CEO forum with investment experts and leaders in the sector.

Forums for CEOs and Board Chairs will be held at PwC offices on the following dates: 

  • Canberra, 16 October
  • Adelaide, 17 October
  • Melbourne, 22 October
  • Brisbane, 28 October
  • Sydney, 29 October
  • Sydney, 31 October
  • Perth, 7 November
  • Melbourne, 14 November

Times: 11.30am -2.00pm
Participation: CCA Members are invited to accept a place at the workshop that bests suits
Non-members: $200
RSVP today:  To obtain a place or for further details, please contact Deborah at deborahs@communitycouncil.com.au or call 02 6198 3417.


Why it's time to use what we have to get what we need

When a business has assets that are not being fully utilised or leveraged, it is often described as having a lazy balance sheet. Businesses with lazy balance sheets are the prime targets for mergers and acquisitions.

Charities with a lazy balance sheet are unlikely to be takeover targets, but they may not be doing all they could be doing to realise their purpose and secure their future. We know charities generally have a low appetite for risk. We also know that some charities have not even begun thinking about how best to leverage their assets to achieve their purpose.

In a sector with no forward plan, and no broader industry goals, all charities probably need to think again about how what we already own might be used to secure our futures.

Read CEO David Crosbie's OpEd in Pro Bono News, 25 September 2014.


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