National sector leaders press reset on the Australia We Want- 8 April 2015

Imagine an Australia where suicide rates are less than the road toll. Where violence against women, children and animals is not a national phenomenon that affects us in every post-code.

Imagine an Australia where creativity drives real innovation. Imagine an Australia where we’re more connected. Where we’re more engaged in local neighbourhoods, who we work with, and how our policies and laws are made.


The Australia We Want from CCA on Vimeo.

Discussions about Australia’s future are largely focused on our economy, not the lives or country we want to live in. As we strive towards a surplus, we forget that the GDP barely helps to register how connected, fulfilled or safe we actually are.

Charities and not-for-profits hold a trusted place in Australia. With this trust comes a responsibility to look beyond our own organisations and to help shape a national agenda that looks beyond Australians as economic units.

After a strategic planning session early this year, CCA decided to bring together 60 of Australia’s most influential not-for-profit leaders to consider the Australia we want.

On April 8 at the National Portrait Gallery A.M. current affairs described the natioanl roundtable as a “council of war”. CCA member CEOs and Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 not-for-profit leaders came from across the country to describe their vision for Australia’s future and the values underpinning it.

Attendees included Mission Australia, RSPCA, beyondblue, Save the Children and The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. More than decorative words, a number of social and economic measures were identified as methods to assess whether our organisations and our government have prioritised these key values in their work. 

This is a hard and complex conversation that the sector is coming together to drive and take ownership of. It attracted significant media attention making national radio-waves on where government priorities have let us down, with the Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg addressing attendees over lunch with a commitment to supporting not-for-profits in Australia. 

The first report documenting these findings will provide the first step towards a cross sector agenda that not-for-profits can collectively take to their work and to the government to shape the next federal election agenda.

We want many more people to be involved in this movement to own our futures and build our society on the values we want not the financial figures national debate so often gets lost in.

Ear to the floor and thoughts ready – for the Australia we want. Together a force to be reckoned with.

Don't hold back. Get involved

Recieve The Australia We Want report on its launch and find out how you can be involved:, 02 6281 1739


Media coverage? Sector demands a greater voice in national policy

CEO David Crosbie tells...
AM Radio National, 8 April
that charities demand a greater voice in Australia's future.

SBS World News, 8 April 
why Australian charities have never felt poorer and are meeting today to discuss how to make the sector stronger to help shape the sector's and Australia's future. 

Seven News, 8 April 
that Australian charities have never felt poorer and were meeting in Canberra to consider how they can work together to close the gap. 

Pro Bono News, 8 April 
that despite seeing a rise in turnover of 40 per cent in the last six years, the sector has never felt poorer.

Nine News, 8 April 
that charities are providing services for which they haven't been given enough money under locked-in contracts.

Chair Tim Costello tells...
The Guardian, 8 April
that it was welcome news that the abolition of the ACNC was no longer a Government priority, and that the not-for-profit sector should be heard because it sat "at the heart of our communities".

Sky News 8 April 
that the NFP sector needs a strategy with government to secure its future and build an Australia we want.

ABC News, 8 April
that there is virtually no collective forward plan for the fastest growning industry in Australia.

ABC News Radio, 8 April
why thousands of charities today are campaigning for greater Government recognition.

ABC Breakfast News (Broadcast), 8 April 
why charities are suffering a cash-flow crisis and what they're doing about it. 

Devex, 10 April
that CCA's report and subsequent roundtable came at a critical juncture for the country's not-for-profit sector.

5AA, 10 April
that we hope that government would include charities in serious discussions. 'Wed need a strategy that really owns our future.'


Announcements attract national attention

The Herald Sun: Finge benefits tax exemptions for charity organisations could be overhauled, Annika Smethurst, 8 April 

The Guardian: Abbott government retreats from pushing to abolish charity watchdog, Danial Hurst, 8 April 

The Australian: Morrison halting plan to scrap Australian Charities Commission, Sarha Martin, 9 April

Pro Bono News: Not for Profits Grill Assistant Treasurer, Xavier Smerdon, 9 April 

Pro Bono News: Govt targets PAFs and Fringe Benefits Tax, Xavier Smerdon, 9 April 

Reaching radio waves nationally...
2Day FM News, news grab, Sydney 8 April 

2GB FM News, news grab, Sydney 8 April 

2SM FM News, news grab, Sydney 8 April 

2UE FM News, news grab, Sydney 8 April 

4BC FM News, news grab, Brisbane 8 April 

ABC Radio Hobart Breakfast Show, David Crosbie interview with Ryk Goddard, Hobart 8 April 

ABC Radio South East SA Mornings, David Crosbie interview with Rebekah Lowe, 8 April 

2WS FM News, Tim Costello interview with Hope Fabillliar, Sydney 8 April 

6PR FM News, Tim Costello interview with Dianca Degiogio, Perth 8 April 

3AW FM News, Tim Costello interview with Denis Kane, Melbourne 8 April 

5AA FM Breakfast, David Penberthy, Jane Reilly and Mark Aiston, Adelaide 8 April 

ABC Riverina, Jane Hayden interview with Anne Delaney, Wagga Wagga 8 April 

ABC Far North, Jane Hayden interview with Kier Shorey, Cairns 8 April 

ABC South East Breakfast, Jane Hayden interview with Tim Holt, Sapphire Coast 8 April 

3WAY FM, David Crosbie Interview with John McInnes, Warrnambool 9 April







It's about values..

‘The not for profit sector is literally the glue for Australia. The glue in terms of social cohesion, of volunteering, of saying, that it’s not just about budgets and the economy, it’s about values,’ Chair Tim Costello. 

Rev Tim Costello AO, Chair, CCA