Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform Bill - bad news for charities and our communities

The Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform ) Bill 2017 was introduced to the Senate on 7 December. 

It seeks to address political influence and foreign donations with a ‘catch all’ approach that fails to recognise that charities are already prohibited from partisan political activity – but have a legitimate role as advocates when speaking up on issues in pursuit of their charitable purpose.

Tim Costello, Chief Advocate for World Vision and CCA Chair talks to Sky News.

If charities are not exempt, all charities who take a role in public debate on any issue that may be relevant to an election (health, housing, education etc etc) will be caught in a new politics and advocacy regime that will impose a host of reporting, audit and registration obligations.

All charities involved in issues and policy advocacy – regardless of whether they receive foreign donations – are potentially affected.

There is no doubt that this legislation strangles and threatens to silence the voice of charities. 

Analysis shared by Not-for-profit LawProlegis LawyersSt Vincents de PaulACFID and Anglicare and commentary from CCA CEO David Crosbie illustrate the far-reaching impact of the proposed legislation.

The ACNC Commissioner has also said that the ACNC has submitted a response in relation to the proposed amendments. ‘It is our view that the Bill, as formulated, will place a further regulatory burden on charities, and may inhibit their ability to advocate as a method of achieving its charitable purpose.’  Comments further covered in The Australian: Gary Johns warns foreign donations bill means red tape for charities, 25 Jan.  Read the ACNC’s submission (#31) and others here.

CCA has been working with ACFID, ACOSS, Philanthropy Australia, the Human Rights Law Centre and a group of charity leaders in the #handsoffourcharities coalition to see charities exempt from the legislation.  Full details here.

The Bill has been referred to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM). 

Read CCA’s Submission

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