Political Donations - Supplementary Submission to the Senate Select Committee

Following CCA’s submission last October and an appearance before the Senate Select Committee on Political Donations, CCA was invited to address questions from the Committee including on the adequacy of current laws governing third parties and their political expenditure; the most appropriate means, if any, of further regulating third party actors to improve the integrity of decision-making; and how additional third party regulation might impact charities to fulfil their purpose under the ACNC Act.

CCA’s submission and supplementary submission highlights the current power imbalance between vested interests that seek political influence for economic gain and charities serving their charitable purpose to strengthen communities.  CCA argues against any further restrictions and compliance burdens for charities – who are already well-regulated in relation to what they can and cannot do in regard to exerting political influence.  Most importantly charities can only advocate to progress their charitable purpose and serve their communities – and Australia is a better place when they do.

Read CCA’s Supplementary Submission in conjunction with CCA’s full submission to the Senate Select Committee into the Influence of Political Donations

CCA also provided evidence to the Inquiry’s public hearing on 6 November 2017. Transcript available here, on the Parliament House website.