Media Release: 25 million new opportunities to inspire generosity

The Community Council for Australia is calling on Australians to get behind an innovative new initiative launched today by the Australian Mint that has the potential to deliver millions of dollars in additional funding to charities and community organisations each year. 

A new one dollar coin, called a Donation Dollar, has been minted and is entering circulation.  The Donation Dollar is legal tender and the world’s first coin that features a call to action: a call for the holder to give.  Over the coming years 25 million coins will be minted and circulated – one of for every Australian.  The Donation Dollar is an initiative of Saatchi and Saatchi who have consulted with several charities in developing the concept, and the Australian Mint who have embraced the idea and made it their own.  

David Crosbie, CEO of CCA said “If every Australian donated just one Donation Dollar a month, together the charities sector would receive an additional $300 million in donations every single year. That’s an additional $300 million to support the most vulnerable people in society and to support the organisations that help our communities to flourish.”

“Charities in Australia employ over 1.3million people and contribute over 8% of GDP – when we support our charities we are strengthening our communities and our economy.  The ongoing circulation of Donation Dollars will help to continuously remind people about the value and importance of the charities sector in Australia.  It will remind us that a dollar spent by charities circulates within our economies, generating jobs and economic activity as well as positive community benefits.  This is really a win win for the community.” 

Australia is a generous country, and with millions of Donation Dollars soon to be in circulation there will be so many opportunities for Australians to think actively about the causes they care about and how they can contribute by donating, volunteering or supporting in other ways. 

Charities leader and CCA Chair Tim Costello said; “Every one of these coins is a chance to spark new conversations about generosity.  It might be a small coin, but it will circulate as a constant reminder to give, and that can make a big difference.  We are hoping people will ask questions like. who are you giving your donation dollar to, which charities do you already support, is it time to give a little more?”

He said; “Every coin that was passed on would relay a message to inspire generosity and raise vital cash for the nation’s charities large and small, and the 600,000 not-for-profits.”

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