Base Camp

“Unlocking climate transformation in Australia and the Pacific: Shaping the potential of COP 31”, Sydney, 1 November

Interested in what you can do about climate change and what role your organisation might play in COP31 which is likely to be held in Australia in 2026?  Then this is a key event for your diary.  Sydney, 1 November, 1.00pm-5.30pm. 

Please join COP31 Collaboration cross-sectoral partners to learn more and contribute to a discussion on how we make the most of Australia’s bid to co-host COP31 in 2026 with Pacific.  

We want community voices, community resilience and community issues at the centre – and that will only happen with your help. Hosted on the sidelines of Impact X – small $50 charge to help cover costs – let ImpactX/us know if that is a problem.

Register here:  COP 31 Base Camp (