Submission to The Treasury, Consultation on Social Impact Investing, February 2017


This submission outlines five key areas where the Community Council for Australia believes there is scope to support a stronger and more effective impact investing market in Australia.

CCA is particularly interested in ensuring impact investing enhances our communities and the organisations that serve them rather than just representing a way of saving government money or opening up new deals for the finance sector.  Although there is nothing inherently wrong with government savings or new forms of investment, maximising the benefits to the community is the focus of CCA and its members.

Impact investing has the potential to strengthen our communities, but it is not the solution to all social problems or funding shortfalls.

CCA has consulted with members (see listing in appendix 1) in framing this submission, however, it is important to note that this submission does not override the policy positions outlined in any individual submissions from CCA members. 

The content of this submission includes: a brief background to CCA; an overview of the current context for the NFP sector; a listing of five key issues associated with impact investing, a summary listing of support measures for impact investing in Australia, and a conclusion.

CCA welcomes the opportunity to provide input into this consultation and would be happy to engage in detailed discussion about any proposals arising from The Treasury consultation process.