CCA's Achievements

Since its establishment in 2010, CCA has achieved real change for NFPs in key areas. Examples include:

  • A leadership role in the establishment and retention of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
  • Protecting the right of charities to advocate as part of their charitable mission, with the new Definition of Charity passed into legislation reflecting this.
  • Working with the Assistant Treasurer to see the proposed targeting of tax toward charity commercial activity shelved.
  • Shifting national policy debate beyond the health of the economy to consider first the type of society we aspire to and the values that underpin that with the Australia we want national roundtable of sector leaders and national media coverage. 
  • Getting disaster recovery guidelines changed so that NFPs are entitled to the same disaster relief payments as small business and primary producers
  • Ensuring NFP organisations were eligible for capacity building support through the Regional Development Australia Fund which resulted in over $100 million being allocated to NFPs across Australia to support community capacity building
  • Active advocacy to support the role of NFPs in the digital economy and the roll out of the NBN, including setting targets for NFPs in the national digital strategy
  • Establishing key policy platforms on the importance of giving and engagement through NFPs – e.g. National Press Club addresses and roundtable discussions on emerging issues and policies
  • Publicly advocating for major reforms to giving programs and other ways of supporting the not-for-profit sector including mobile giving, workplace giving, the establishment of a not-for-profit bank, the use of dead funds to underwrite social investment, etc.
  • Preparing key submissions on issues such as the Federal Budget, taxation, finance, the definition of charity, the ‘in Australia’ provisions, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission, Government tendering and contracting processes etc.
  • Participating in key policy and public forums including the Not-for-profit Reform Council, the Tax Forum, the PwC Transparency Awards, roundtables on financing the sector, etc.
  • Supporting a legislative review of the way private and public philanthropic Trusts operate to ensure the maximum distribution to not-for-profit organisations. 

Leaders debate sector issues at CCA's pre-election debate, National Press Club, September 2013

Making a difference

‘Through CCA the not-for-profit sector is more actively engaged in national policy development than ever before,’

Rev Tim Costello, CEO World Vision Australia

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