This submission outlines nine measures the Community Council for Australia (CCA) believes will significantly strengthen Australia’s not-for-profit (NFP) sector and drive real economic savings for government over the coming financial year and beyond.

CCA's submission to The Treasury in response to Exposure Draft Legislation limiting Fringe Benefit Tax Concessions for Salary Packaged Entertainment Expenses affecting employees of public benevolent institutions, health promotion charities, public and not-for-profit hospitals and public ambulance services.

CCA Submission in response to the Re:think - Tax discussion paper: Better tax system, better Australia

Submission on the Competition Policy Review's recommendations for Australia's Competition and Consumer Policy 2010

CCA is concerned that this inquiry seeks to confuse the established definition of charity by bringing into question one particular area of charitable endeavour, seeking to use activity rather than purpose in determining organisational status, and potentially adding more complexity to an onerous process that serves little purpose in terms of delivering real community benefits.