CCA is concerned that this inquiry seeks to confuse the established definition of charity by bringing into question one particular area of charitable endeavour, seeking to use activity rather than purpose in determining organisational status, and potentially adding more complexity to an onerous process that serves little purpose in terms of delivering real community benefits.

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit Inquiry into the Development of Commonwealth Performance Framework.

Submission into the impact on service quality, efficiency and sustainability of recent Commonwealth Indigenous Advancement Strategy tendering processes by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

CCA's submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Commonwealth community service tendering processes by DSS focuses on the opportunity to mature the Government's approach to tendering - across the Department of Socail Services and all federal departments and agencies.

This submission promotes Federal Government measures to strengthen the not for profit sector that deliver real economic and social benefits for governments and our communities. With six proposals, CCA asks for a commitment of only $2.4 million over three years that will significantly increase the sector's efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.