COAG Regulatory Impact Assessment Of Potential Duplication Of Governance & Reporting Standards


This submission briefly outlines the Community Council for Australia (CCA) response to the COAG Regulatory Impact Assessment of potential duplication of governance and reporting standards for charities (RIA) consultation paper.

The CCA Board and members believe the issue of duplication in regulatory requirements for charities and more broadly for the not-for-profit (NFP) sector is a critical issue. 

It is important to note that this submission has been prepared through a process of consultation with the membership of CCA (see Attachment 1 list of CCA members) and other key organisations in the NFP sector.  This submission does not over-ride any positions outlined in individual submissions from CCA members. 

CCA commends the government and COAG officials for the process adopted in developing this consultation paper, including seeking input from the NFP sector and other interested groups.  

CCA is particularly pleased that the RIA consultation paper provides a clear set of options and encourages interested stakeholders to provide input.

Ideally, this initiative of reviewing duplication as it applies to charities will be expanded over time to become a more complete review of the broader regulatory and compliance burdens imposed all NFP entities.

CCA looks forward to ongoing discussion and input in relation to these important matters.