An invitation from CCA Chair,
Tim Costello

As a sector we need to invest in our future, beyond our own organisations, beyond our own area of activity. We are powerful in economic terms – employing over 1.4 million Australians – and we are powerful in social terms – holding our communities together in good times and bad. We need to also be powerful advocates for our sector, and that can only happen if we all commit some of our time and resources to our collective future.

CCA is a group of leading organisations who have shown a commitment to strengthen the not-for-profit (NFP) sector in Australia and influence its future. I hope that you can join us.

Where we came from

CCA was established in 2010 when a group of like-minded CEOs in the not-for-profit sector contributed their own resources to create a new organisation that would facilitate collaborative relationships and advocate for a viable and effective not-for-profit sector.

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What we've achieved

The Covid-19 pandemic presented crisis and a watershed moment for our sector.  A decade of working constructively to bring our value as a sector and our issues to Government enabled CCA and Australian charities to be effective advocates at a time when it was most needed.  We realised a new level of engagement with government that resulted in customised JobKeeper support and other important initiatives to enable charities to meet the needs of their communities during the pandemic.

It is one example of how the environment that charities operate in today would be vastly different if it were not for the collective leadership and collective investment of CCA members in sector advocacy over the years.  

Together, we have realised and helped to shape some important foundations to enable charities to better serve our communities.  These include a modern Charities Act that values our role and our voice;  a world-leading regulator, established and retained through sector advocacy;  a policy agenda within Government for the charities sector, and the appointment by both sides of politics of an Assistant Minister for Charities. Many other ‘wins’ saw us head off negative impacts on our sector – often the result of collateral damage in draft legislation that had failed to consider its application and impact on charities.  We have worked constructively with government, inquiries and Parliament to see the sector’s concerns heard and addressed.

Our achievements aside, there is no question our sector’s place within national policy making remains junior.

If we are to work better with Government, business and our communities, we will need to draw on the leadership in our sector to work collectively for the change we want to see.

We welcome your involvement and hope that you will join us in ensuring national policy and regulation works for charities and not-for-profits, and not against them… and to further incorporate sector values into the heart of decision-making to create the kind of Australia we want.

Meet our Board and our members.

Become a member

Thanks to the financial support of our members, CCA is independent. 

Here’s more information about CCA Membership and an application form.  Please contact Deborah Smith, Partnerships Manager, if you have any queries:  02 6198 3435,

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