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Is the starvation cycle here to stay?

Cutting back on organisational infrastructure and capacity to ensure there is enough funding for programs to remain viable – a phenomenon known as the starvation cycle – is an unfortunate reality for most charities and not-for-profits, writes David Crosbie.

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CCA Submission to the Department of Social Security – A stronger more diverse and independent community sector

The questions about what needs to be done to strengthen the community services sector through better contracting arrangements have been repeatedly discussed and generally agreed by the sector, and by key inquiries and reports over more than a decade. The most important question that now needs to be answered is whether the Department of Social Services has any real intention or commitment to implement any of the changes required?

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More decoration or meaningful reform?

When it comes to government forging a stronger community sector, the time for asking questions is over. It’s action that is now required, writes Community Council for Australia CEO, David Crosbie.

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Education and truth – the keys to change?

The overwhelming rejection of the Yes campaign to give Indigenous Australians a Voice to Parliament highlights some troubling gaps in the nation’s collective education and understanding of history, writes Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie.

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