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Impact Investing – Making it happen

Launched on 12 June 2019, this report shares the learning and recommendations from CCA’s series of CEO forums on impact investing run with the support of Life Without Barriers and partners including Social Ventures Australia, Social Outcomes, Koda Capital and NAB. It provides 12 recommendations for not-for-profit organisations and identifies seven areas where government should act to support capacity development and growth in the impact invesment ecosystem.

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Media Release: Is this the Australia we want?

A new national report has revealed that in many fundamental areas of life, Australia is heading in the wrong direction.

According to David Crosbie (CEO of CCA); ‘We need to look beyond economic indicators and start focusing on the values that make Australia a great place to live. We are all much more than passengers in an economy. We are part of families, workplaces and communities. Within our communities we want to live lives that are worthwhile and enact values we believe in. This report highlights how far Australia is slipping in achieving some very important values. It should be a wakeup call for all of us.’

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