C20 Media Release: Constructive contributions to the G20, 1 August 2013

Media release issued 1/8/13 following the first meeting of the C20 steering group

Australian civil society representatives have met for the first time to discuss how best to contribute to high-level policy decisions at next year’s G20 Summit in Brisbane.

“The importance of sustainable economic growth as a means of reducing inequality must be front-of-mind for global economic decision-makers, because inequality not only impacts those most disadvantaged in society, it also stifles global productivity,” World Vision Australia CEO Tim Costello said.

Australia assumes the G20 presidency later this year and a Civil 20 (C20) Steering Committee has been appointed to co-ordinate civil society engagement with G20 leaders.

The 14-member committee – chaired by Mr Costello – will identify key policy positions of non-government sector voices in Australia to feed into the G20 Leaders’ Summit agenda.

The Committee met for the first time on Wednesday to develop a process for engagement between civil society and G20 leaders. 

The committee discussed how to constructively contribute to G20 policy to ensure the benefits of economic growth are shared equitably.

“In addition, we need to pay attention to who shares the burden when sacrifices need to be made,” Mr Costello said.

All C20 Steering Committee members agreed on the importance of transparency in the policy development process leading up to the November 2014 G20 Summit.

“The operation of the C20 Steering Committee will be an open, inclusive process,” Mr Costello said.

The meeting confirmed that World Vision Australia CEO Tim Costello and ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie will be Australia’s C20 delegates to the G20 Leaders’ meeting next month in Moscow.

“The C20 has an important role in including community voices in the G20 process, because it is those communities who are ultimately affected by G20 decisions,” Mr Costello said.

Media contact: Kris Gough – 0481 005 468 / kris.gough@worldvision.com.au