The Australia We Want for Christmas

What happens when you bring more than 60 leaders from across the Australian charities and not-for-profit sector together to talk about their future, the future of their children and the future of their country?  Not only do they arrive at an agreed set of values and measures they believe are critical in achieving the kind of Australia they would like to live in (see report:… ), they also contribute to the writing and performing of a special Christmas carol!

In the words of Community Council for Australia Chair, Rev Tim Costello, “Australians are much more than passengers in an economy.  We may be losing faith in our politicians, but that just makes our community, family and workplace connections, and the charities that support them, more important.  Christmas is a time of reflection for many of us, so we are offering a set of values and indicators we think are important for all of us in imagining and working towards the kind of Australia we would like to live in.”

United with courage and the strength and optimism of our missions, we can build the just, fair, safe, inclusive, equal opportunity, creative, authentic, confident, kind, generous and compassionate Australia we want.

We will always raise our voices for our causes and our communities.  Join CCA members (again) in singing the 12 days of the Australia we want for Christmas… 

Our very best wishes to you, your family and your community for hope, peace and fulfillment this Christmas and always.