It Takes a Village - Education is everyone's business

If you could help a kid achieve their dreams, would you? 

We know parents and teachers play a crucial role in our kids’ education, but have you thought about the role other people in our kids’ lives – the people in our ‘village’ – play too?

Here at Community Council for Australia, we have. That’s why we are working with partners around Australia on this new campaign: 

It Take a Village: Education is Everyone’s Business

Positive support can help young Aussies stay in education. A caring community can give young people the support and motivation they need to stay in education and get the most out of it. And we know that staying in school significantly increases the chances of young people continuing with further education and getting a job. 

In short, keeping kids in school and encouraging them to dream big is good for everyone.

The It Take a Village campaign celebrates the role everyone – not just parents and teachers – plays in ensuring our kids get a good education and achieve their dreams. We’ll share tips on making a positive impact on young people’s lives; celebrate those among us already making a difference; and share stories about the impact having good, solid influences can have on our kids. 

You might be a sports coach, music teacher, an uncle, a neighbour, a local business owner, grandparent, or even a volunteer at a local charity. If you’ve got a young person in your ‘village’ you have a role to play in helping them get a good education and achieve their dreams. 

Find out more about the campaign at and please take a moment to share it with your family and friends. 

We all have a role to play in helping the next generation of Aussies achieve big things. Let’s start talking about it. 

After all, It Takes a Village: Education is Everyone’s Business.

If you would like to join us a supporting partner, or talk about any aspect of the campaign, please call us on 02 6198 3435 or email Partnerships Manager, Deborah Smith at