Uli stars in ‘Life is a Battlefield’ on SBS

‘Life is a Battlefield’, a documentary featuring Uli Kaplan, who is in a supported independent living home provided by Life Without Barriers, premiered on SBS in December 2021.

Filmed over five years, ‘Life is a Battlefield’ shares the real story of feisty young adult Uli Kaplan, who faces everyday struggles with chronic illness, mental health issues, and a disability.

Unable to eat and with less than fifty percent of his lungs working, Uli shows through blunt humour and stubborn determination how people with a disability can thrive in whatever they choose to pursue. 

‘Life is a Battlefield’ gives a genuine look into the often hidden day to day that so many individuals experience in living with chronic illness, mental health issues, or a disability. It tells a message of compassion, of trust, of care, of kindness, and how people with a disability have the right to live happy and meaningful lives just like anyone else. The documentary was produced and edited by Uli Kaplan and Michael Woods. Directed by Michael Woods, Michael ‘Bench’ Debevec was the art director and visual effects producer, with sound editing and mixing by Jacek Tuschewski. To find out more visit: https://lifeisabattlefield.org