Maggie finally feels safe

Maggie lived in a constant state of fear. At only 15-years-old, she was traumatised by the abuse she was experiencing at home. Throughout her childhood, she was victim to ongoing abuse by her stepfather, brother and uncle.

‘My mother told me she hated me, because I stole her boyfriend. I was eight years old,’ Maggie shared.

Maggie packed her school bag with her few belongings and fled. With nowhere to go, she spent her first night homeless.

Maggie was terrified, hungry, tired and knew she needed help. She contacted the Mission Australia Strong Families, Safe Kids Advice and Referral Line who connected Maggie with their Hobart Targeted Youth Support Service.

It was a call that changed her life.  With stability, a strong support network and a safe home, she feels ready to pursue her passion for art. Her road to recovery is still ongoing, but Maggie finally feels safe.