‘Mary has really helped with reading, writing and spelling.’

Charlotte found Learning Links thanks to her psychologist and an ABC documentary “Kids on Speed”, featuring one of our education experts.’


In Year Two, she was enrolled in Learning Links’ speech therapy and education support sessions. Mary, one of our educational support specialists, was in constant communication with her teachers and other allied professionals to navigate the best way to help Charlotte.


Four years later, she has gained so much more confidence in herself and her own abilities. She can read and write at the level expected for her age and expresses herself clearly. Things like homework are less stressful, and her improvements have lowered the family’s anxiety about her learning outcomes for the future. 


We are so proud of Charlotte and what she has achieved. Here’s what she has to say about her sessions at Learning Links.


“My reading and spelling has improved. I like going to Mary because she is nice. She is a good teacher, and she has really helped me with reading, writing and spelling. She helps me with little tricks to help me read and spell.”