Care and community rev up to re-ignite a love for life

Terry’s eyes glisten when he thinks about his motorbike adventures over the years but sadly, his riding days came to a sudden halt when Terry was diagnosed with advanced multiple sclerosis. 

Caring for Terry required Lyn’s full-time attention. When she connected with Bronwyn and Jane from Mission Australia, she was relieved and grateful for the extra support. Bronwyn and Jane, part of our Local Area Coordination teams, help people living with a disability find relevant services.

As a motorcycle enthusiast herself, Bronwyn understood Terry’s love for riding. Noticing Terry’s declining mental health, Bronwyn and Jane set out to help Terry regain his confidence and spark his love for life again using his Harley Davidson bike.

With help from the Fleurieu Peninsula Riding Group, the pair began crafting a surprise ride for Terry in the side caddy of a Harley Davidson.

The opportunity to feel the wind on his face again was like a breath of fresh air.

 ‘I think it’s blown away five years of cobwebs out of his brain and settled him back down.’

‘Terry looks so much better,” says Lyn. ‘He was actually sitting up really straight in his wheelchair, which is very rare, and he just has a constant smile on his face.’

Lyn said the adventure was the breath of fresh air they both needed.