‘My kids have so many more opportunities thanks to being sponsored through The Smith Family.’

‘When we first started on the Learning for Life program, I was a full-time single mum and we’d just returned to Sydney to live with my dad. It was hard times, and the support was a life saver.

My son Jason, who has behavioural issues, started Learning for Life in kindy, and my daughter Imogen started in Year 1. They’re 10 and 11 now, and The Smith Family has supported them that whole time. My youngest daughter Cassidy is only three and will start the program when she starts school. But she never gets left out. She still gets books at Christmas from The Smith Family and all that, just like the other kids.

That’s the great thing about the Smith Family. They don’t forget anyone in the family. 

Learning for Life has saved me so much stress. It’s such a relief to know my kids needs can be met. I can now afford textbooks and uniforms for them. My kids can get involved in sports and have more opportunities at school. And I’d never have been able to afford to send my kids on excursions without that extra support.

Learning for Life has given my kids courage and confidence, and it’s helped me fund them to go further with their education. To the wonderful people who make this program possible, I’d like to say thank you for the opportunities you’ve given my children.’

Courtney, Learning for Life mother