Partnerships for learning

Since 2018 Learning Links has been working in collaboration with experts in Aboriginal Education – including the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), to develop and deliver literacy and numeracy programs that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at a vital stage in their development.

Learning Links believes that our programs help bridge the gap between indigenous school students and their nonindigenous peers, through early intervention and collaboration with these communities.

Thanks to funding from generous supporters, including the Rali Foundation, CommBank Staff Foundation and the James N Kirby Foundation, we partnered in 2020 and 2021 with the Liverpool local AECG to deliver innovative early intervention programs for Aboriginal children in Years 1–4 at three priority schools in Liverpool. 

The program targets professional development and learning for the Aboriginal Education Officers and Learning Support Officers at the schools. This broadens the impact and long-term outcomes realised and ensures that future students will have the opportunity to access an enhanced level of skills and understanding of the teachers and support staff working with them.

“We have seen amazing results! Students are confident, there has been an improvement academically, and there has also been an improvement in their wellbeing.”  Ashcroft PS Principal.