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We are an independent member-based charity peak body dedicated to building flourishing communities by enhancing the extraordinary work of Australia’s not-for-profit sector. We do this by changing the way governments, communities and the not-for-profit sector relate to one another.  In particular, this includes establishing a regulatory environment that works for charities and community organisations – not against them.

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Putting the public good in public policy

The story of government expenditure on consultancy firms is partly a story about the acceptance of superficial policy. It is also a story about government failure to recognise the immense value charities and community organisations can offer in developing authentic policies that result in real and sustainable public benefits, writes CCA CEO David Crosbie in The Community Advocate.

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From unity comes strength

It’s time not-for-profits stood united and refused to continue accepting scraps from the table of power, argues CCA CEO David Crosbie in The Community Advocate.

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Is it time for charities to mean business?

Charities should not be the organisational child in the room, smiling graciously as the grown-up business and government sectors pat our heads and tells us what good boys and girls we are for helping – CCA CEO David Crosbie’s first weekly article in The Community Advocate.

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Dermot O’Gorman, David Crosbie | Hosting COP31 could shift Australia and Pacific approach to addressing climate change

Canberra Times, 5 June: The nature of the climate discussions in Australia needs to be about much more than adapting to our new climate reality. It’s important that we get more Australians involved, more community-level input, about the impact climate change is having in our lives and to empower people to make a tangible difference… An Australian COP31 co-hosted with the Pacific can be a catalyst for communities, businesses, social groups, individuals and families to participate and to have conversations about climate action, leaving behind the mire of climate wars, and moving co-operatively into a new decade of opportunity… That’s what brought a group of like-minded leaders to Canberra this month with the objective of delivering a whole-of-society approach to COP31.

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CEO David Crosbie contributes weekly to the go to news for and about charities, community, volunteers and change-making, The Community Advocate

The archive of David’s thought pieces for Pro Bono News 2016-23 is available here

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